Mexican player are always accepted with sympathies in Europa. It’s just a matter of time for one more to rise in the highest football level.

Gael Alvarez from Pachuca is expected to be the superstar on the U17 World Cup.

Born on the 9th of March 2006 and trained only in Pachuca, he plays as an attacking midfielder and left winger.

His strong foot is left, so that’s why he tends to cut inside as inside forward und shooting then from distance.

Alvarez possesses excellent technical abilities and pace, which, combined with his dribbling, makes him dangerous for opposition’s  defensive line.

Experts believe that his playing style is similar to Neymar’s with his manner to beat  his opponent one on one and then shoot or create chances with a pass or cross.

Alvarez has already caught the eye of some clubs in Europe, such as Ajax and Feyenoord.

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