Ethan Mbappe

Ethan Mbappe. Yes, you guessed, he is he younger brother of the PSG und France’s star player Kyllian Mbappe. Having such a brother, he seems to be and has to be motivated to become a fantastic player. And surely someday the will play together on the field.

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He is born in Montreuil an the 29th of December 2006, but with just 16 he’s playing for the PSG’s U19 squad. Related to Kyllian, Ethan Mbappe is a central midfielder, left footed, who tends to play as a DM as well. Even though he has got used to playing in the defensive part of the game, Ethan Mbappe can often be seen to dictate the play around the central circle and even a bit forward. He is a former France U16 player and still has to decide for which country he is going to play as a senior – if for France or for Cameroon.

Thus we can say that his roles can be firstly a ball winning CM and a deep lying midfielder as a DM.

If he can, hopefully, develop his ability well, he can be seen as the new Paul Pogba. 

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